Notre gamme de produits s’étend des résines synthétiques, cires, et additifs pour des marchés tels les Peintures/Encres, les Adhésifs/Caoutchouc et autres... La collaboration étroite avec nos fournisseurs et notre connaissance approfondie des marchés nous permettent d’être réactifs et d’assurer la meilleure qualité de service.


Modified gum rosin

Modified gum rosin

Modified resins are balsam resins in which properties have been improved by a refining process, but without significantly changing the basic nature of the resin. Examples of this are disproportionate, hydrated and polymerized balsam resins, also balsam resins low in VOC. The abbreviation VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. These are organic compounds that evaporate rapidly.


TER Chemicals offers various modified balsam resins, which are used in adhesives, sealants, and rubbers, also in paints and printer inks.

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