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Home Care

A clean plan for hygiene

Home Care

A clean plan for hygiene

Rust inhibitors, brighteners, preservatives and polymers – modern hygiene products contain components from a continually growing set of chemicals. The majority of these are held in stock at TER Chemicals, naturally in the high quality you would expect from one of Europe’s leading distribution and trading companies. On top of this we offer extensive product knowledge and outstanding reliability of supply through our customer-specific stocking system with anticipatory stockage.

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Cleaning solutions comprising vinegar, baking soda and other household supplies are no longer able to meet modern health and hygiene requirements. The standards expected by both consumers and industrial users have never been so high when it comes to cleanliness, cleaning products and disinfectants. Modern chemistry is able to guarantee top-notch, eco-friendly cleaning.

Manufacturers in the chemical industry are constantly developing new cleaning and care solutions. The product palette is constantly growing and covers more and more applications. TER Chemicals offer a comprehensive range of products that include almost every ingredients required to make cleaning chemicals. Regardless of whether they are made by us or our suppliers, all ingredients in our portfolio are synonymous with the highest quality.

We offer the following components ingredients:

  • surfactants (amphoteric, anionic, cationic and non-ionic)
  • ascorbic acids
  • ascorbic acid derivatives
  • citrate and fruit acids
  • preservatives
  • emulsifiers
  • essential oils
  • fragrances
  • phosphonates
  • additives
  • biocides
  • cleaning polymers
  • wax emulsifiers
  • technical-grade isopropyl alcohol (IPA)
  • cellulose ether
  • chlorine dioxide disinfectants
  • glycerin
  • waxes
  • wax dispersions

... and much more.

Simply filter the products based on their applications (e.g. laundry detergent) to find out what cleaning and care ingredients are available from TER Chemicals. No doubt we will have the perfect components and ingredients.

Ingredients supplied by TER Chemicals can be found in many brand-name cleaning and care products available in supermarkets, drugstores or even pharmacies.

For example, TER Chemicals ingredients can be found in the following:

  • car cleaning and care products
  • pretreatment products
  • laundry detergents
  • softeners
  • bleach enhancers
  • dish soaps
  • dishwasher detergents 
  • rinse aids
  • Floor Cleaner
  • Glass Cleaner
  • surface and floor cleaners
  • oven cleaners
  • toilet and washroom cleaners
  • hygiene cleaners

as well as special solutions to clean highly sensitive areas, such as food processing facilities and dairy factories.

Components used to make cleaning products are our specialty in this area. On top of that, TER Chemicals supplies ingredients to the food, animal feed, cosmetics, plastics, construction, adhesive, care product and healthcare industries as well as chemicals for metal processing. Our portfolio also features biologically active substances, food ingredients, industrial alcohols and waxes that can be found in all sorts of cleaning products and household supplies.

"Hygiene needs to be neatly planned" is the motto of our Home Care division. Do you want to launch a new product that contains tried-and-true or innovative ingredients? Are you looking to expand your portfolio rather than leaving certain categories of cleaning chemicals in the hands of your competitors? Or are you perhaps striving to impress consumers by introducing a fully revolutionary cleaning product?

Whether it is a car cleaner, dish detergent, hygiene solution or disinfectant, let us work with you to plan your new product from the get-go. TER Chemicals' customers have access to not only an extensive range of products but also the company's knowledge and expertise.

Efficient production is a crucial advantage that we offer our customers. From the supply chain to final goods acceptance, every step in the production process must flow seamlessly into the next. We do not just deliver what you need, but do so in the way you need it.

We will be happy to assemble a set of ingredients specifically tailored to your production and package them in appropriate small containers. Simply order the raw ingredients and cleaning chemicals you need, and they will be delivered in mixed pallets. With our company acting as an extended workbench, everything you order will be adapted to your production to help you save time. Do you only need small amounts of industrial cleaning chemicals? Don't worry. You can always count on our optimized small-quantity distribution.

Thanks to our inventory and extensive portfolio of cleaning chemicals, we have got you covered for everything you need in this regard.

Delivery reliability is key to achieving efficient production of cleaning agents. Delivery precision starts with forward-looking inventory management. We understand what the market needs and are also able to cope with any spikes in demand. We will be happy to organize our inventory system to suit your specific needs.

Warehousing, logistics and production must work fully in tune with each other so that our customers can gain a competitive edge. Therefore, we are committed to providing just-in-time deliveries and strictly adhering to schedules. Production lines and supply chains should never be allowed to come to a halt – this applies as much to you as to us.

TER Chemicals operates decentralized warehouses as a way to ensure swift and timely delivery. Short internal routes are another way to guarantee punctual shipment. This means we are capable of processing large, complex and less conventional orders within a very short time. TER Chemicals can also arrange for goods to be delivered directly from our manufacturers and suppliers to your production facility anywhere in the world, across borders and beyond formalities.

TER Chemicals holds the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certification, meaning that our customers benefit from customs simplifications during international shipping, among other things. Furthermore, our corporate group operates its own logistics business LZ Logistik GmbH, which is responsible for organizing warehouse operations at the company's headquarters and port location in Hamburg. In a nutshell: Everything at TER Chemicals is geared towards punctuality.