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Botanical Extracts - Natural Active Ingredients

Botanical Extracts

Plant extracts are concentrated substances obtained from fresh or dried plants. They contain a variety of bioactive compounds such as flavonoids, phenols, alkaloids, terpenes and other natural chemicals found in plants. These extracts are obtained from various parts of plants, including leaves, flowers, stems, roots and barks. Plant material is extracted by various methods, such as solvent extraction, in which the bioactive compounds are released and concentrated from the plants. Possible solvents may include glycerol, ethanol, water, or vegetable oils such as sunflower oil, borage oil, safflower oil, or camelina oil.


In the cosmetics industry, plant extracts are used in skin care products, among other things. Extracts such as rose oil have anti-inflammatory, soothing and antioxidant properties that can promote and improve skin health. In addition, plant extracts are often valued for their moisturizing, brightening and firming properties. Plant extracts are used in various industries as colorants and fragrances. The use of plant extracts allows manufacturers to avoid artificial additives.

TER Chemicals offers a wide variety of plant extracts that can be custom created upon request. Feel free to contact us!

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