Sustainable surfactants and PEGs

Due to the advancing climate change, the industry is looking more and more for ways to reduce their environmental footprint. Accordingly, the demand for sustainable raw materials is expected to increase significantly in the years to come.

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Clariant‘s innovative VITA and TERRA product ranges

TERRA range – Sustainable ethylene oxide derivatives with reduced carbon footprint 

Even today Clariant is offering suitable surfactants and Polyethylene Glycols (PEGs) from their TERRA product range which help to reduce your carbon footprint – certified in compliance with ISCC PLUS. Existing sites are used for the production and raw materials from renewable sources are added to the feedstock in accordance with the share of TERRA products in the production. 

VITA range – 100% bio-based ethylene oxide derivatives from segregated supply chain 

Surfactants and PEGs from Clariant’s VITA range are 100% based on carbon from renewable raw material sources (detectable and traceable via 14C method). To ensure this, sites and material flows are fully segregated from the production of conventional products based on fossil raw materials. 

VITA or TERRA? – You choose! 

Surfactants and PEGs from Clariant’s VITA and TERRA range feature an equivalent chemical structure compared to their conventional counterparts based on fossil raw materials, therefore they offer the same proven performance that you’d expect from Clariant’s products besides exhibiting a lower carbon footprint. 

In addition, products from VITA range are especially suitable for products with a high and traceable green carbon content. 

Please contact us for a recommendation how products from Clariant’s VITA and TERRA ranges can help you to reduce your carbon footprint and switch to a sustainable raw material base. 

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