Notre gamme de produits s’étend des résines synthétiques, cires, et additifs pour des marchés tels les Peintures/Encres, les Adhésifs/Caoutchouc et autres... La collaboration étroite avec nos fournisseurs et notre connaissance approfondie des marchés nous permettent d’être réactifs et d’assurer la meilleure qualité de service.


Alkyd resins

Alkyd resins

Our alkyd resins range from short to long oil, as well as modified alkyds. Modification groups include styrene, styrene-acrylic, rosin and phenolic to further improve drying, chemical resistance and durability. Grades with environmental friendly solvents and oil types are also available.


Our Alkyd resins are widely used in the manufacture of paints and coatings. Applications include interior and exterior decorative coatings, as well as low bake and general purpose industrial coatings. Their high gloss and adhesion to various substrates from metal to wood make them top quality products in the sector. Some grades also comply with marine and artist paints needs. 

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