Notre gamme de produits s’étend des résines synthétiques, cires, et additifs pour des marchés tels les Peintures/Encres, les Adhésifs/Caoutchouc et autres... La collaboration étroite avec nos fournisseurs et notre connaissance approfondie des marchés nous permettent d’être réactifs et d’assurer la meilleure qualité de service.


PTFE wax

Ter Chemicals PTFE waxes are manufactured as extremely fine powders. In addition to their application as lubricants and texture agents, they are used particularly to increase the abrasion and scratch resistance of surfaces. Our PTFE waxes are available with a precisely defined particle size distribution.


Our PTFE micro powders are used in the following applications: Adhesivesprinting inks and textiles. PTFE waxes are used as a solid lubricant component in fats and lubricants, for the surface modification of paints and coatings and as a texturizing agent in powder coatings.

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