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We live in the age of plastics! For example, polymer materials help manufacturers of household appliances stand out from the competition with chic designs, and make products affordable that hardly anyone could afford a few years ago: Items that previously had be painstakingly assembled from multiple components, are now, thanks to plastics, economically produced in a single shot. In many areas of industry, plastic construction materials are even beginning to replace heavy metals; in many respects, some of them can even be compared to steel.

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Secure, save, inspire: Plastics can do so much! But they need professional support to do it. There are many current tasks that could not be handled by modern polyesters, PVC, polyamides, polyolefin, etc. on their own: For example, they must bond optimally to reinforcement materials, be protected against premature aging, and sometimes even against fire. Above all, however, today's polymer materials must be adapted to increasingly complex and faster production processes: Extrusion, injection molding , blow molding, or rotational molding all require different high performance characteristics from the material if they are to remain economical.

TER Chemicals has been living in this complex world for decades. As an experienced distribution partner of particularly versatile and reliable suppliers, we offer a complete line of additives and products perfectly coordinated with each other for all areas of plastics processing: Flame-retardant and UV resistant material from TER Chemicals, dyes, and modifiers to increase impact resistance, are just some of the things that make plastics to the material that we know from everyday life – and that massively increase the quality and safety of the products manufactured from plastics.

Further additives and (co)polymers from the extensive TER Chemicals palette ensure the compatibility of plastics with each other – for example, in high quality blends – and guarantee good adhesion to reinforcement materials; the TER Chemicals know-how helps to increase the efficiency of plastic processing, e.g. by allowing injection mold materials to flow into the tools more quickly, or by reducing the soiling of the forms. Among other things! TER experts also have proven solutions at hand for complex detail problems of plastic processing technology, and can help to bring both the plastic and its processor up to speed. For a promising future.