« Adhesives »

For many applications when screws were needed in former times, today glue may be used. The corresponding shelf in the retail store already contains far more than the simple wood glues and paper and all-purpose glues of past decades: Today, the customer reaches for super-glue, two-component adhesives, to adhesives that can support several kilos, and to specialty products for the connection of rubber, leather or even expanded polystyrene. Nowadays, there are suitable products for any adhesive application.

In industry, gluing has also been a viable bonding technique for a long time now: Rivets in visible areas are no longer acceptable – and some modern materials, such as steel and aluminum, cannot even be welded anymore. More and more often, adhesives are becoming the tool of choice: They securely bond components, balance differences in the thermal expansion coefficient, and leave the material structure unaffected, thereby preventing predetermined "breaking points". Modern cars contain more than one hundred meters of bonded seams, even airplane parts are joined like this nowadays.

However, growing tasks also translate into growing challenges for the developer. Every substrate requires different adhesive raw materials – those that stick to steel will not necessarily stick to nonpolar polypropylene. Tack ( initial adhesion), adhesion and cohesion, flow behavior, open and curing times must be adapted to technical processes, and additional requirements such as effective fire protection and weather resistance must be taken into account.

TER Chemicals provides the adhesives industry with a tailor-made and extremely extensive line of raw materials: from natural and synthetic resins and waxes to a broad palette of highly specialized polymers and rubbers: Balsam resins, Fischer-Tropsch waxes, block and acrylic copolymers, butyl, polybutadiene and natural rubbers, ethylenevinalacetate copolymers (EVA) – all from leading and reliable suppliers. There's more: The TER portfolio also includes tested flame retardants, as well as exotics such as microspheres and PTFE waxes. Dispersion adhesives, reactive and solvent-based adhesives, (reactive ) hot melt adhesives , pressure sensitive adhesives - if that is your language, TER Chemicals understands.